Data Room Confidential Mode

ideal Board tool

Data room confidential mode allows the virtual data room administrator to limit a user’s use of the VDR by determining their IP address or the type of device. It is a valuable tool for M&A transactions as well as other delicate business ventures.

A good provider will enable users to customize their rights and two-factor authentication. They will also offer remote shred functions that deletes downloaded files after administrators have removed access. They will also be able to handle most common file formats including PDFs and XLSXs. The most trusted providers will be able to add a watermark to the files users download, which will discourage people from sharing copies of the files online. They can also set an expiration date for files that are downloaded to stop unauthorised downloads.

Other useful tools include redaction. It allows the administrator to erase (black out) fragments of text or specific sections of a document that are not in the view of authorized users. This is crucial because it safeguards all personal information and critical business data from hackers. The most reliable VDR providers can decrypt PDF documents, Doc, Docx PPTX, Txt, JPG, GIF, and Q&A files.

Some providers allow users to print out documents that will automatically include a «watermark» and download the original version. A reputable provider will offer a question-and-answer function that lets users discuss files in the dataroom, and keep answers in a searchable database. This is an excellent tool for M&A transactions, or any due diligence project.

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